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help with 172 starting problem

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Many, many moons ago (approx 18 months +) the pikey in me agreed when a friend of mine gave me a 3/4 full plastic container of petrol from his van which he used for his generator (cue rightfull abuse and stoning) to which i poured into my 172 (gulp) after a few nights sotrage in my garage. On starting it was obvious something was up as car was spluttering and all sorts. I concluded it would probably be best to leave the car running on idle in the garage for as long as possible to burn the fuel but saving the car from theft on my drive (altho possible several small animals may have been sacrificed had they been living in the garage for the the following 2.5 hours the car was running).
The needle was down to red and I needed to use it so drove to usual sainsburys before filling with their 97 ron super. Car runs perfectly fine but has had issues starting ever since. done 15k + miles in it but still get issues when 'sortof' warm. Stone cold seems ok as does hot. Recently replaced spark plugs and had dealer find an iffy reading 'somewhere' (they didnt tell me where) but was not conclusive enough but I did talk the mechanic into changing somethink as they had seen 'a' problem which they did and changed the crank sensor.

Im now back in the guessing game as neither has worked. Only thing i have been told is that possible worth changing the fuel filter but other than that am stuck.
Car runs fine when running, just has problems starting.

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plugs deffo changed as I did them myself a week ago. My only thought is that if it was running in the garage for a few hours then maybe overheated as no airflow so poss coolant sensor as had been suggested earlier. Coils have been said to me before but curious if they are related to petrol or just possibly a coincidence.

Wish list atm are, fuel filter, coolant sensor + coils.
Afaik all cheap enough and easy enough to change ?
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quick q just to confirm something on the coolant sensor. Does this give the indication for the temp on the dash ? Had argument with renault eng and wasnt told. If so then the display moves correctly when warm / cold etc so unless there is a 2nd sensor providing the reading it isnt that. I took it out last night along with as many sensors as I could access/remove and gave them a clean.


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id say the fuel filter to be honest, its the most obvious thing. u put crap probably dirty fuel in, could be leaning out when driving to if its that cloged up so id change that asap then go from there
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Got a filter on order and popping up to my uncles to borrow his ramp to fit it on Sat morning.