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i need a new system for my valver anyone heard or got the new system from k-tec racing please give me sum help guys and girls

Ive got the 4.5" slash cut K-Tec exhaust with a straight through de-cat and it was worth every penny!

It looks a little odd at first (only cos its different) but its has really grown on me and suits the rear end perfectly.

With the straight through de-cat pipe it sounds like a group A rally car, VERY LOUD!

Also, its made a noticeable difference in performance, peak power gains werent huge (1-2bhp) but midrange was constantly 4-5bhp higher. It also droped peak power from just under the red line to 6650RPM so you dont have to push it so hard. Torque gains were the same, 4-5 midrange & 1-2 at peak. Also peak torque dropped 300RPM too.

Hope this helps


well its looked well made the tone is nice not to loud at gear changes u get a little pop most of the time and there was a noticeble difference in perfomance

the 3 1/2 inch tailpipe stick ou the rear of the car by about 3 inches so its not too over the top

fitted with de-cat it cost me £310 fitted so im not sure how much to just suply !

how much were ure coil overs I am looking at getting some and the rear bar lowered ! just looking at makes I think i may go for the le da set up