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Help With Koni Dampers

  Clio 182 Trophy
Hi all

My Trophy came with a spare pair of Koni rear dampers which are obviously used, but seem in fair enough condition.
I want to go about fitting them in the next week or so, but have realised that they are slightly different to eachother and wanted to get the group's thoughts on how to move forward.

One of them (bottom) has an extra rubber piece on the stem - is this needed (and I am missing one from the other damper)? Does it come from the dampers that are already on the car maybe?

Secondly, there is a single metal cup with a hole in. This fits over the stem so assume it forms part of the mounting solution. Again, I only have one so does it come from the existing dampers? Do I need to get on ebay and find another?

Any and all help gratefully received!


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  ff ph2
You're talking about the dust boot+bump stop, it's not supplied by koni, it was refitted from the oem shocks, and must be present.
If there's a missing piece just buy some used oem shocks to use this (hole must be enlarged slightly).
There is also the top mount supply by koni, nothing else will fit so if there's a missing piece you will have to buy this from koni - I'm not sure what's missing in the pictures.
The metal piece is the top part of the oem dust boot.