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  1. JToroPaz

    Clio 182 shock absorbers, standard or cup?

    Does anyone know if the standard oem rear shocks and the cup shocks are interchangeable? I’m replacing as a pair but it would be good to know if I have a choice on which to buy Sorry if this has been discussed before I’ve looked around at posts but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive...
  2. kendeba

    Changing K-tecracing suspension

    Hi Guys, I have arrived to that point when I am not that satisfied with my suspension and I have to decide what to change it for. The suspension is the cheapest K-tec (link below). My problem is that the front is too soft. While cruising the wheel often touches the wheel arch liner, it happens...
  3. M

    Help With Koni Dampers

    Hi all My Trophy came with a spare pair of Koni rear dampers which are obviously used, but seem in fair enough condition. I want to go about fitting them in the next week or so, but have realised that they are slightly different to eachother and wanted to get the group's thoughts on how to move...
  4. Robproof

    Roll centre and coil over

    Probably looking at things due to a bit more time not playing on the track, but my Clio is running in Cup shocks and Cook sport Springs. I only really use it for track days (and driving to the track). Car seems to handle well, but you can always make it better right? wondering if there was a...
  5. Asher172

    Picture Request - Cup Dampers & Grams Springs

    As the title states. Looking for anyone whos installed the Cup Dampers & Grams springs to their clio 172/182. Pictures of your car and ride height would be appreicated, i understand this is quite a popular set up from the guys at Kam Racing. Currently battling with cost vs not wanting the car to...
  6. R

    Length of the front dumper Clio 172 vs Clio Ragnotti

    As far as I know, there are two lengths for the front dampers of the Clio 172 and Ragnotti. What is the closed length of the front dumper? It’s measured from the lower upright bolt untill the underside of your steel turret (shell of the car). What I'm asking for is measurement “A” in the...
  7. J

    Clio Mk3 Front Hubs

    Hi Guys! Looking around on ebay for a used NSF hub for my 2010 Clio GT. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a differance between the hubs for the 1.6, 1.2 1.5dci ect as there is only one GT hub which is £65 + £15 postage compared to £25 for any of the others? Cheers!
  8. Carlos_2017

    Strange noise coming from drivers front wheel

    Hi all, Got a strange noise coming from the arch when hitting full lock, sounds like the spring :/ Does anyone have any idea what it might be? It’s doing my head in! Thanks in advance!
  9. Moronm8

    Rear springs/ shocks to coilovers on mk2

    I'm a bit of a novice with cars, but it's what I love and I'm still learning so please forgive my idiocy I'm wondering if, on my MK2 Clio, I could replace the rear shock absorber and spring set up with coilovers? I know coilovers can be fitted to the front, but so far all I can see online is of...
  10. Joe Wootten

    Metallic knocking/clunking under braking.

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this my issue as it's been coming and going for a while now but has finally got to the point where it's Constant now. When under braking something on the driver side is knocking under braking, only happens under medium/hard load. Once...
  11. I

    Clunking noise on Coilovers / springs

    Hi all. I have a clio 182 FF, everytime I get it tracked then the tracking goes out again within 2 weeks. When I turn the wheels the springs clunk, I had a look by taking the alloys off and couldn't find anything loose. Some days it clunks alot and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to me that...
  12. Captain Hat

    Recommendations for a track car

    I'm building a 172 Cup into a track car. My main priority is gonna be suspension and brake setup to start with (though I am easily distracted by shiny things) but I have no idea where to start. My goal is, obviously, improved handling. I plan to do most of the work myself; I've worked on...
  13. Dimmock197

    Lowered 172 knocking?

    Hi all, I have lowered my 172 on ktec coilovers. It's not majorly low at all and has hardly any camber but ever since I put them on when I accelerate hard there's a knocking from the front left (sounds like driveshaft?) Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and knows how I can...
  14. C


    Hello everyone i have rencenly purchased my first car (renault clio 1.2 16v) When i am parked and turn my steering wheel left or right i get loud clunking sound and also in a particular spot when turning. I have taken my car to a garage so they could have a look and give me a diagnostic on the...
  15. C

    Clio 182 cup fitted new front springs now sits high

    Hey all, So I've been a member for a while now and owned the 182 for a few years and loving it but never actually posted anything before, so hi! great forum here with loads of great info. The issue I've got is I've fitted new cup coil springs a couple of weeks ago to both fronts as the previous...
  16. MrBlonde

    Testing Coilovers

    Sorry if it's been covered,but i didnt have any luck finding anything.How do you check a 2nd hand set of coilovers are ok?.i know obvs is leaks,but what else?.good set to ie Gaz etc
  17. Captain Hat

    Looking for replacement 172 Cup parts

    What's the best place to look for replacement stock bits for a 172 Cup? I'm looking for brake discs and pads, shocks and springs just now. None of it's urgent, but I like to start doing my research early. On a not entirely related note, what's the most cost-effective route to go down if I'm...
  18. K

    Mk2 1.2 16v lowering

    Posting on behalf of a mate who recently got his first car (clio mk2 1.2 16v) hes fitted some alloys and a straight through hoffman exhuast and now he wants to lower it because the arch gap is huge, his question is where do you recomend buying springs/coilovers on a budget? Hes not looking to...
  19. G

    Suspension problem

    I have 1.2 16v clio and i noticed that my car is not standing straight it was leaning on drivers side, so mechanic told me that my front spring broke and ive ordered new one he changed it and said u should replace the 2nd one too so i bought another one and replaced it but they are higher and...
  20. C

    Help! Clio mk 1 suspension

    Ok so I have a Clio mk1 a 96regards and I really need help with the suspension because it's horrendous... Body roll on corners I feel like I'm on a boat but can't find were to get it sorted. Any help please?
  21. J

    Suspension Arm Ball Joint

    Put the Clio through its MOT today and it failed on main part which I am unsure of. Can anyone link me to where I can buy the near side front lower ball joint? Cheers!
  22. Louis

    Suspension arms and tres

    As I recently had the clio up on ramps I noticed that the tre on the offside had a split gaitor, and the nearside had wobble on the suspension arm when held at 9-3. I have seen this -...
  23. JamesBryan

    Wheel/Tyre Suspension Clearance

    Just fitted my camber bolts and had them dialed in to -1.5 deg. I'm now thinking the inside edge of the tyre might be too close to the suspension spring, especially on track under hard cornering. I can just get my fingers in the gap between the two, so say roughly 10mm +/-. Is that enough...