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Help with prep work for respray

Trying to save some money and do as much of the prep work as I can before my respray, can anyone help me with de-locking all over, also anywhere cheap who can replace a rusty rear arch, and for the right price start smoothing my doors and arches? Nearly forgot de-badging the rear tailgate as well, please help!

You will get what you pay for mate.

De-lockin needs wealding.

If you want a new arch then you need a good pannel fitter.

The smoothing needs someone who knows what there doing or it will be crap.

Get some one to weald up the locks. You can take the lock out so all they need to do is weald the whole up. Then you can give it a go with the fiberglass and filler. Take the bump strips off yourself. Gonna be hard to smooth them in yourself tho. Ask the garage thats painting it what you can do to help keep the cost down. Find out what they will require stripped off.

I cant really see much you can do yourself without someone there guiding you with the right equipment.

where are u based
my m8s bodyshop deals with that no problem
2 cliosport cars alreay booked in

hes in leatherhead which is junction 8 on the m25

contact me on if interested :)