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Every morning my car is getting progressively more difficult to start. At the first try it turns over, and over and over but never catches, and then at then at the second go starts first time. Anyone got any ideas to a cause / probable solution. It does it in the evenings as well if it hasnt run all day, and doesnt seem to correlate with the weather. Im getting slowly worried that it wont start one morning when im already late for work and its pissing it down!

Its due its 72000 service which im going to do myself with Mr Haynes help - any thoughts comments and advice greatly appreciated.


The teeth on your starter motor could be worn down slightly so that they are not touching the flywheel as much or you could be chipped one of the teeth of your flywheel as the engine always stops in the same place and it takes a while for the starter to grip onto the next tooth!


if it turns over, there is nothing wrong with the flywheel teeth !.

get your battery tested, the voltage may be too low on first cranking to fire effectively.

the second time you try you require less power to turn over due to having moved the engine internals.

also, check plug gaps, leads and coil.

if you have a distributer cap ,change it.

Try do a search for "start" or "starting" on the forum. I had a problem on my 172 - just didnt start one day - turned over & over & over with no result. Turned out the key was faulty and wasnt sending a signal to the ECU. Reno replaced both under warranty. To eliminate that, try to start it with your spare key. Good luck.

I think the electrics options sound closer to home, will have to get the meter across the battery. Will be changing plugs when I do the service and will look at the distributer and leads at the same time.

Cheers for all the help