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Hesitant pick up / revs die at 2k / sounds like a supercharger higher up in revs

  200 Gordini
Had both belts done yesterday and noticed a really low tick over when cold, sits at around 250 rpm. Picks up to 500-750 when warm.

When in first gear, Ill plant my foot and there is a wait before there is any power. Sometimes the revs slightly pick up to around 1.5/2k, then die, and then it'll deliver some power.

Higher gears ( 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ 5th) Reeeally drag and very sluggish below 5k. Ive had the car a year and really know how the car drives and i know the power isnt great below 5k but i mean its much more sluggish than before.

When higher up in the revs (6k and higher) i can hear a 'gush of air' type sound coming from what i think are the air vents.

Im going to clean out the throttle housing when i fit my new induction bend and oil breather with catch tank and see if its clogged up or something.

There is a diagnostics fault: Df137 motorised throttle, automatic control fault


Any suggestions or possible problems?

Specialist in the Midlands want to take a look?
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  200 Gordini
Little update from today:

When going up the revs the car will have NO power to 1.5k rpm. Its like when you run out of petrol and the car has no go.

When lifting off the throttle and letting the revs die down, the car jerks at 1.2k rpm. Not just a little jerk like it was before.. it really does throw the car back and forward hard.
  Skoda Fabia vRS
poss clean the throttle body, check wiring to it, possibly the throttle pedal assembly aswell, we have done a couple of those at work, check wiring connector to that aswell