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Hi All, New to Here.........

Hi All

Other half just bought a May 02 black Clio 172.

Picking it up next Friday.

Just gotta make sure im on the insurance. :D :D

Tried a few cars but settled on the 172 as best all round bargain for the money.

Thought its time to logon here and check it out as recommended by a guy on here :D

Will post a pic or 2 if thats done on here ?



ooer, shoot out at the ok corral between GR and Paddy????!!!!! :D

Welcome Steve - you will love the car, gets better every time I drive mine!!!
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


I hope you enjoy the car.

Sorry I know you will enjoy the car.

Excellent choice of colour.

hi all

cheers for welcome peeps.

GR - is it madder than the muppet forum on SN ?

Paddy : yep i was really surprised how quick it was and how i liked given i used to a scooby.

Ben : from devon m8, live on dartmoor.

Greeper: black is the best imho :D we saw a black one at the motor show and luved it.

just gotta make surre i am on the insurance :D :D :D
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Hi mate,

Just thought Id say hi and glad I could influence your decision. I know you were gutted after having to get rid of the Scooby and get the diesel Guna (think of all those extra miles :confused: ) so hopefully the 172 will fulfill your speed needs!

Will catch up with you on email soon and hopefully see you soon at one of our meets!


hi geoff

cheers m8e.

gutted is not even close, but ill have another one or summat better next time.:D

guna does 50mpg so its ok and it company car so i dont have to pay for servicing etc !

yes just gotta make sure i on the insurance !

ok m8 talk soon and cya on CS maybe soon to?? (no the one server is back ! :cool: