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Hi and please help?

  Clio 197 F1 Team
Hi all, i'm Glenn and the proud owner of a 197 F1 Team (allegedly). So here lies the problem, all research i've done since buying the car would indicate that it is not an F1 Team as the v5 suggests, but a standard 197. I'm wondering if anyone knows a definite way of checking as it doesn't have the Recaro seats, F1 graphics or anything else 2 suggest its an F1. I didn't do my research before buying the car from a dealership nearly a year ago and was just impressed by the way it drove and looked so bought it, though now i'm starting to think i maybe should have got more for my money. Thanks in advance for any responses and look forward to using the site more often ;)


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Re: Hi and please help??????????????/

welcome to the forum...

its not an F1 > its a standard 197

if the brake calipers are silver it has no cup pack-

if your interior auxillary heating has 3 big round knobs it doesnt have climate. = base spec 197

may be a bit late to take back unless you have the advert.

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  Clio 197 F1 Team
Re: Hi and please help??????????????/

thanks for the response, it has silver brake calipers but has a/c and digital climate control so i'm still stumped :S, yer 2 late 2 take back, jus gonna have 2 make the best of the situation and do what i bought it for, 2 drive!!!