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Hi Hi.

  E63, 172 track toy
Hi guys,

thought i would do one of these to see if anyone knows any history of my new car..

its RO52 JUT, it seems to have a fair few mods done nicely but think the last owner has just driven it.

either way, i intend to get it running sweet and track it.

its a silver ph2 172 sport... its been cammed, 182 manifold, chip, random other airbox i think, konis and eibachs and already has a cliosport sticker!

  Dynamique Flamer
Welcome to cliosport :approve:

Get some pics up then someone might possibly recognise the car!
  E63, 172 track toy
ah lovely stuff, i cant work out if the old owner is in that thread but the BMC explains the random unattached airbox it has at the moment!