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Hi, I'm new. 197 Cup owner.

  Clio 197 Cup
Hi People,
I'm new to and i'm currently driving a 197 cup in GW with black speedlines. I have only had the car since Tuesday from new.
I have owned a few Renault's in my time
Renault 25 (tank)
R5 Turbo
172 ph1
clio V6 Ph1
172 ph2
Trafic van
197 cup (current)

The 197 is by far the best handling car I have owned and i'm loving it!

I did meet a few members last night at the Hinckley meet and had a good laugh on the noisey end of the table lol.

I hope to meet some new people and come along to more events.


ClioSport Club Member
Welcome! Car looked lovely :approve:

Noisey end of the table was a good laugh lol.
  Clio 197 Cup
Thanks people



Hi Luke, glad you enjoyed the meet last night, bet you had a good drive back at that time of night :cool:

Welcome to CS
  Clio 197 Cup
Thanks again to everyone from last night and today on the forum for the friendly welcome!!
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Hi Luke, wasn't your Cup at teh Point last night? I know you said you were going to come along but didn't see you there, when we came back to the cars there was a 197 Cup there!
  Clio 197 Cup
No not me mate. Sorry I couldn't make it. I will definately try and make the next one.