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hi im new and need advice.

Hi everyone, im new to this forum, and if all goes right i could even stick around :)

Im not 100% if im going to break club rules doing this, (on my first post to woohoo :rasp:) however i need advice before i proceed any further, and where better to get it than the owners club.

basically i was going to buy an integra type R dc2. iv decided to go for a more sensible option and look for a clio.

I have found a 172, which i like, has low mileage and a good price.

the mileage is 30k - and the car is 2002, so a good find im sure :)

i believe the owner is part of this forum, possibly as a trader?

the car in question has had the air con and the power steering removed.

it also has a carbon bonnet, and can be found on piston heads. i will post the link now, but its only so people can see the car under discussion, im sure admin will remove if this isnt allowed.

can i have owners opinions on this car, not it looks good or that sort of thing, i mean genuine points which could benefit me in my deciscion to buy.

many thanks for your help in advance.



ClioSport Club Member
thats a well know car on here mate!
someone will be along shortly to back me up im sure

edit - in a good way lol not a bad one


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Thats Mikes from Rentech.

182 engine iirc, running 170 odd atw!!

There is a post in the cars for sale in here, but you need to be a member to see it.
as long as he doesnt sell before saturday the car is sold, if the posts reflect what iv heard here and the car is as good as it sounds :)


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Just do a search in Cliosport traders section, there is nothing but praise for him and his company. (Rentech)
Welcome to Clio Sport Rob..

This is a great place for techno info on the Clio Sport ;)

As I have said to you before I dont think you will be at all disappointed with Mikes Clio
iv never been a clio lover... not sure if that makes sense to any of you. i had a swift gti which i used to race at various events, and id pass 2.0 clios like they were toys.... so that kind of put me off.
kindly a friend reminded me of how much maintenance was required for the swift, it broke down monthly and when it did was off the road for a bit.
im keen to try one, see what its like and hopefully enjoy what im actually in.

im going for the more sensible approach with this car, rather than some other of my choices.

thanks for the welcome and advice, i hope to be around more often :)