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High Beech Meet

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

This is going ahead as planned this Sunday (1st Sept) at 3pm.

Squirt and the Lovely Jaine are finding out about grub in another pub as she has been told the one at High Beech doesnt server food anymore.

Jas you up for coming down, if so bring the misses and I bring the wife down and they can chat weddings and we can chat beer and cars

Mr Read you still up for it ? Again bring the misses down then she doesnt feel left out and she can chat to Jass other half and my significant other.

The more the merrier....

See the High Beech thread on the Meeting Forum for details.

BTW for non essex people this is in Essex off the M11.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Bring the wifes sister as well

How long did it take to get back yesterday m8 ? Took me 3hrs 15min doing 80+ most of the way 220 miles covered.

I "might" be coming over - depending whether I get my car back from Renault (could always come in the 1.2) but not sure of weekend plans - keep me posted
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nah you drive a Ford !!! LOL

OK seen as you are becoming a member of the Clio clan.

Drop by my place around 2ish and well drive up there m8.

There is nothing wrong with my Ford but i CANT WAIT TO get the Cilo!

Ok mate will meet you at 2 by the way what is up there?

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

There is us up there and lots of grass and muppets driving around in there Max power novas, oh yer and a nice pub to buy non alcholic drinks in


If U guysngirls are looking for pub grub, then try The Duke of wellington, on Wellington Hill. If U R meeting at the big pub (Royal Oak?), then it is literally two mins away. Can describe if wanted.

Have had many meals there and so far so good.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I think Jaine mentioned that pub and yes the pub we are meeting at is the Royal Oak slap bang on top of the hill.

Are you coming down then ?

BTW Wez, I know what you have done to your Mondeo m8, it was said in jest
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nothing really but it is a nice place to meet. There is a big field infront of the pub where you can take littlen and have a kick about.

Actually anyone who is coming down got a decent football, can they bring it cause I fancy a game or something ?

Have a round of golf booked at 2.30, however my m8 may have to work, if so be good to meet a few peps. At least this time I only have 5 mins to travell not 2 1/2 hrs. to Snake Pass!!!!!.