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High crankcase pressure?


ClioSport Club Member
I would appreciate some advice, as I'm not sure If I have a problem. (Clio 182)

After the final session of my last track day I found oil over the front of the engine, and the dipstick lifted so the rubber seal was no longer in place.
I thought I had pulled the stick up myself as I had spanners in the area when tightening the alternator belt earlier in the day.
So I just checked the oil level, ok, put the stick back in and had a bit of a clean up.

After the qualifying session this weekend the same had happened again, but this time the crankcase breather pipe had blown off the spigot at the rear of the engine as well.
It is still connected the OEM way, onto the spigot just before the throttle body. No catch tank or other additions as it has not previously been a problem through numerous track days and races.

I only know of two breathers on the 182.
The crankcase breather I think, from the rear of the engine to the intake, and the rocker cover breather which is just a pinhole straight into the intake manifold via a weird gasket.
I took the manifold and the pinhole was clear.
The main breather pipe was also clear.
So it seems the pressure could not escape quickly enough through the breather pipe?

I made a makeshift catch tank, photo below, don't laugh! And I also taped the dipstick to the tube, as a number of other racers said they clamp the dipstick in for racing.

Anyway I did the two races and everything seemed fine. Dipstick stayed in, nothing else blew off, and there was hardly any oil evident in the 'catchbottle'

So is the solution just a proper catch tank?
Why would the pressure have increased, no power mods or anything.
The only thing I can think off is that the exhaust has taken a bit of a bashing, if a silencer was damaged internally and partially blocked the exhaust could it cause increased pressure?

Many thanks, Andy