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High spec cheap clio for turbo conversion

Hi there,

For my little project im thinking of putting my old volvo 440 turbo engine in a clio.

Just wondering what models I should be looking at?

I want electric windows, fuel injection (easier to convert), nice interiour, abs, pas etc. Matt Browns 16v looks very nice. Is that a Mk1 Phase 2?

Its the 1721cc block, so that would be the same as the 1.8 i guess, is the 1.4 RT the same block? My mums 1.4 R19 is.

What sort of space is there down the front (between bumper and rad) to fit an intercooler?

Anyone got flow rates for the fuel injection pumps? Im after 120 litres an hour at 3.5 bar or greater.

What models had the biggest brakes?

Many questions... any help would be great. I dont know a fat lot about clios.

Thought of some more:

Do any of them have an electronic speedo? The volvo box only has the electonic speedo bit I think. If I use a clio box ill need to start looking at ratios and what sort of torque they can take.

Are the driveshafts the same for the models?

Its 130ft lb as standard. Im looking for close to 180ft lb once ive finished playing. Any weak links in clio power transmissions?

Hmm, started off meaning to be non technical, now it looks like it should be in the technical forum. Doh, sorry. :D
  BMW 320d Sport

16v can be had with everything you want but a bit of a shame to ditch the engine. Maybe if you get a real high miler with the lump at the end of its life. The fuel is regulated at 2.5 bar but this can be adjusted anyway quite easily, mine runs between 3 and 3.5 bar. There is very little space for anything in a Clio 16v engine bay but it sounds like your engine would be smaller. Id suggest using a chargecooler rather than an intercooler, then you dont have to get whacking great charge pipes down to the front of the car, only the plumbing for the chargecooler rad.

Driveshafts and suspension components are different on the 16v from the RT and the weakpoint is the clutch without a doubt. As long as youre careful with the way you drive, the gearbox especially the Williams, is strong

Thanks for the info.

Not seen many 16Vs about, are they uncommon?

Chargecooler is a good idea. Although I do have an Evo 6 intercooler sitting in the garage that would be a shame to not use.

Are there any uprated clutchs availiable? Just had a new standard one on it as the old one didnt seem to like santa pod.

Mat, is that your clio that was down the chase the other day? And parked at a house on hinckley rd? Volvo 440 with a bodykit there... mmmm... im sad... i like volvos...

Saw youre mates nice Williams tonight in hinckley, i was in a black nova gte. Looks nice :D


Not been the chase for a while, and i know the car you mean on Hinckley rd but thats not me either!

Did the nova have a bust window in the passenger door? If so i was in the willy with my mate!


Yeah thats the one. Got broken into. :mad:

Thought you might have been in there. ;)

Been driving a 1.1 R5 for 3 weeks, damn being a passenger in a GTE feels quick. Im gonna have to buy a car soon or ill go crazy.
  BMW 320d Sport

Chris - yeah 16v and Williams are both fairly rare. Ive run 3 cutches on mine so far, a standard 16v and uprated Black Diamond job - both of which I burnt out pretty easily with half a dozen standing starts. Im running a standard Willy clutch at the moment and so far no problems even though Im putting a hell of a lot of torque through it.

You probably can use your intercooler, but Im just warning you that it might be a bit of a tight squeeze - there is a big cross member in front of the rad so you have to put the intercooler under it and with the rad in place, I just cannot see how you can do the plumbing for it and still keep a decent bore of pipe. There just isnt the room at either side of the rad to be able to route the pipework unless its a narrower bore (ie. water pipes for a chargecooler rad!)

get a custom made rad.. only 150 squid or so..


and for the sort of torque / power levels you are considering - a std box and willy clutch will be more than adequate.

Its a low VE engine so output will be restricted.. what do you plan on doing to the unit to increase power..

(ps, I estimate about 170 bhp and 170 fp torque at 1 bar for that engine.. presuming you can keep it together)