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Hill power clutch price

Supplied and fitted, how much please?

Also is it worth getting an upratted/performance clutch? And how much would this cost, what kind of benifits would it give?

Thanks a lot!


I dont know about the HP prices but my mate had a R5 GTT and he had a Group A (I have no idea if that is the right group but it was something like that) clutch and it was awesome ! As soon as you raised the clutch it would bite so there was hardly any slow down between gear changes, I am not sure what this was doing to the car but for the time he had it it was seriously quick !


Well if you want it done properly you have to take the engine out for which Nick Hill charges about £350.
Then you have the price of the clutch.


A williams clutch at Hill Power cost £530.22 inc

SO it makes sence that whilethe engine is out to get other work done


What the difference between the 16v clutch and the willy clutch?
And what other work do you suggest I have done?

Thanks in advance!

get the uprated mounts for defo, new heat shield if yours is tatty, oil cooler for looks, silocone hoses and a damn good cleaning

drop the sub frame, slide the clutch out, lose the skin off your knuckles, £60 for the clutch (GSF) and £100 for the poor sod who has got to fit it (its a days work)

at least i think this is how they do it, i had two garages offer to do it for a days labour, save £350 and buy some gunk and clean the engine while its still in there (everything you can see you can clean)

Lofty - regards to what you said - "save £350 and buy some gunk and clean the engine while its still in there (everything you can see you can clean)"

From that comment I guess you normally have to be very careful when gunking as not to gunk the parts which dont like being gunked. If you see my previous post (currently on page 3) called cricket sound after gunking, basicly I think I gunked my clutch now when my engine is running it makes a cricket sound unless I dip the clutch. Thats why Im looking at getting a new clutch!

sorry mate, i wasnt aware of the other thread, i dont bother cleaning my engine, seem like a pointless exercise unless it is going to be done properly (out of the car) so i contradicting myself,

The willy clutch will take more power and is harder wearing. You will have to ask Nick read for the accurate measures but its good for over 200bhp

They cost £100ish from reno but can be found cheaper from andyspares. Nick Hill may get a trade price too