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HK clio owners

Hi all, m back in HK and development starts soon. I have lots of parts to talk to you about, so i think ameet is in order. I have styling, exhausts carbon airboxes, head mods, Nitrous oxide, sound system upgrades, suspension & brakes etc etc.....and maybe even wheels.

So please get in contact with me at

Whats the HK clio club web addy again, i dont seem to be able to log on.

Oh! I was going to ask you if you know of a way to by-pass the airbag sensor on the steering wheel without affecting the others? I heard someone wired in a resistor but that person couldnt tell me what resistors he used!!! (Which makes me wonder...)

Hello mate,
just been talking about you with the service staff....they seemto know your and your car fairly well.
we need to organise a meet soon so that we can all discuss what i have planned, what you people would like, if your seriouse about
the goods i bring in etc etc.

Whats your tel no?
i will give you mine when i get the mob set up (no credit).

Anyway, im at renault centre now, and have been checking stock of tunning gear, and want to get rid of it, so i will probably be giving special offeres on the
full body kits.


hi black clio,

as i mentioned in my previous post, the brand is HKB, not to be confused with HKS. i would post a picture but this site doesnt seem to permit that. my steering wheel has given no problems WITH airbag light disabled i might add. it was pretty off-the-rack for me and it wasnt a DIY job if thats what youre wondering. and i do not have access to an ohmeter so i am unable to tell you the resistance of the pieces. however, these were not custom fabricated and came in packaging so im guessing universal fit. i got them from a local (singapore) retailer for sparco and momo corse bits, i will include the contact number.
Miki Marketing, tel: (065)67491996

hope this helps. would be glad to forward pictures to your directly if you need proof. digitally unmastered of course! ;-p

Hi inf1d3l, Can you email me a pic of this Boss kit please, and how much did you pay for it? My email address is

Yeah Ben, I want to fit my OMP steering wheel with the other airbags functional!
Gonna try the 2 Ohm 5 Watt this weekend and see how I go, But I suspect Ill need to modify the Hub slightly.