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Honest answers.....Just HOW hard are OZ Super T’s to cl

  320d M Sport

As above only I dont wanna splash out then regret it and spend more time cleaning the car than actually driving it.......

-cue GR no doubt!!


  Shiny red R32

Exit stage left!! I have to say that I find them easy to clean and I use a nice soft round headed brush to get into the little corners.

Firstly, I give the wheels a good clean with the squirty attachment on the hose, then I use a soapy sponge to clean as much as I can, especially along and in between the spokes and rims. I then use my round headed brush to get into the corners. Then I hose them off, leather them dry and polish them occasionally, which makes them much easier to clean next time.

The brush I use is similar to the one you get with Wonder Wheels, but an ordinary 1" or larger, paintbrush would probably do.

I must say that up to now I have never used Wonder Wheels, as I dont let my wheels stay grubby for long! Often if it has been raining and the wheels are a bit dirty when I get home, I will wash them off (not the rest of the car) whilst still wet as any dirt is easier to get off then, rather than letting it dry.

If you like the style, then go for them. They look great and personally I dont find them hard to keep clean.


errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......... hon

have u ever heard the term obsessive compulsive disorder ???

we NEED to talk.......



Bloody hell Girlrace,you really do love keeping your car clean,dont you ;-)
I had Super Ts on my Clio 16v and took me ages to clean but looked great after cleaning,but they took ages to clean though.


  Shiny red R32

If you give your wheels a quick clean often, it never takes very long to do them properly! The same goes for the car, if it is grubby, just a quick hose down or a couple of buckets of water and a sponge, even if there isnt time to leather it off and it never really looks dirty. I am not really too obsessive, but I really cant stand to see a dirty car - I blame my dad for this behaviour, I used to earn my pocket money cleaning his car.



Gr, we clean are wheels the same way using and i also use the wonder wheels brush. It is really easy. Of course it takes longer than the standard wheel but not that much more. Definatley worth gettin!!!!


  Shiny red R32

Glad you agree with me admits, these folk who say it takes ages to clean their wheels must be awful slow workers! Probably slow at everything else too!

Well, When I eventually get some alloys, Im going to be hosing them down every night - if you stop the dirt building up, yer 99% on yer way I reckon.
Then cleaning them when I clean the rest of the car... they should look new all the time


Ahhhh super ts a total nightmare! ask any subaru owner who has these on
You go out, you have a bit of fun, you come back and they need cleaning again (and yes most of the time they are gold!)
Thus the reason i was different and put anthracite alloys on my car
Much easier 7 spoke alloys to clean and all areas accessable (including the calipers )


I bought a set of the anthracite/grey Super Leggeras thinking that the colour would hide most of the dirt, thus meaning I could leave them every ow and again. Problem is, yes, they do hide a lot of brake dust, but!, they are an absolute pain in the arse to clean!!

Due to the shape of the buggers they hold dirt and water in the crevices when parked so even short journeys in anything but glorious sunshine means the wheels are filthy when you get home!

Saying that, Im a clean freak when it comes to the car and they do look superb so I dont mind