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horrible squeeling noise - brake related I think...

when the car is cold first thing in the morning the brakes squeel really badly... not like normal brake squeel either, sounds like metal being grinded away. It also does it when turning too and is getting more frequent and louder so thought I would see if anyone else has this problem or knows what it might be. It's on a Mk2 Ph1 and at first I thought it was the wheels catching on the arches as the car is on its arse, but sounds like the brake disks or callipers are catching on something...
not sure, I think they might be but dont really know much about these Mk2's yet. They dont look that big a disk, but the noise does 'almost' go when warm. It's always there though and is worst when braking and slightly turning left. I also hear it going over uneven roads... just wondering if its to do with the suspension being so low, but have no idea...
possibly, but it's worse when I brake which seems odd... I'm also a bit worried about taking it into Reno in fear of the chav c***s there taking it out and crashing it or doing damage to my engine
  Scirocco GT 210
Mine did this a few months ago, squealing when turning right, feared that something was very wrong :eek:

Turned out that it was the brakes pads, changed them and the noise went, turns out the pads were shagged. The squealing will get worse and worse until braking at any speeds sounds like a grinder.
does yours do it when not braking though and just turning sometimes, as that's the only thing making me think it could be something else...

ian Bojo 182

ClioSport Club Member
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Was there a girl in the car at the time.This could explain some of the

pads seems like an odd fix, as it's not always when braking... in fact it started by turning the steering wheel when cold or going over un-even surfaces...

pmsl @ Ian... I can make grown men scream when I put my foot down in this thing mate! :cool:
  E92 M3 Monte Carlo
it could be the anti -squeel plates,there like tin shims that go on the back of the pad,on my 172 one of them worked its way onto the pad and the noise was unreal
right cheers people, it's got worse overnight so that even when not braking I get this awful sound, so gonna book it into Reno to have a look at the brakes... please dont be a calliper... paid for enough of these for a lifetimes worth :(