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Hot iphone

Hey not sure if it should be doing this but when on charge my phone gets pretty hot not bad to hold with your hands but touch it on my face and its almost unbearable.

The other day I left my phone in the car in the sun while I was washing the car it wasn't HOT weather just warm, after about an hour I looked at my phone and it was burning hot even the side which was facing down, I had a warning screen which would not allow me to use the phone as it said the temp was too high, it cooled down and its been fine since though.

Should I get it sorted or is it quite normal for them to get hot sometimes, I know my ipod used to get warm when it was on charge.


  PD130 Peach
as long as you don't get this message... should be fine!

  CBR1000RR Fireblade
Mine gets warm when charging but never hot. I had the "iPhone is too hot, let it cool down before use" message last year when I left it in a car last summer. Thats the only time it's been hot IIRC.