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How do I run wire through to door

  Nike Lunar Elite's

Im finally getting everything fitted today. I have mounted the crossovers and replaced the tweeters but I need to run wires from the crossovers (mounted under the glove box) through to the speakers in the doors. How do I feed them through? Ive had a look where the other wires come through but they are in a plastic block. Ive also tried to find the existing wires to tap off but they are different colours in the car compared to in the door :confused:

Just run the output of the cross overs back to the iso block thats part of the cars wiring at the back of the hu.

As Pete said, unless you are wanting to run decent quality wire in which case you need to drill a hole in the a-piller skin just below the connector block (take off the doors to do this).

Then make a small hole in the rubber cable guide. Feed the wire through the whole in the car and into the hole in the bottom of the cable guide and you can then feed the wire into the door through the exisiting hole.
  Nike Lunar Elite's

Cheers guys, I sorted it out by running it from the iso which was a pain cus the front and rear wires were the same colour :confused: Would have preffered to run all new wire through but I couldnt get in a position to drill the block without taking the doors off.
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you dont need to take the doors off, unplug the connectors inbetween the door and the car body, thats what i did