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how do u install a Strut brace

Recieved me Strut brace!

omp carbon fibre looking - V.nice :))

How i install it? ive tried lining it up across the engine bay, but holes dont matchup? do i need to make some holes?
  Williams 2, STi N12

What holes?? I have an OMP strut brace on my willy and the only thing you have to do is use the plate provided to lower your ignition coil. Then you place the brace around your suspension mounts and use the self tappers to hold it in place.

You might wanna consider making some pilot holes to make fixing easier.

Good luck
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

I had problems finding aone piece strut brace to fit my williams. I found that they came up a tad short !! So in the end I fitted a mega shiny stainless steel adjustable one. It took a bit off bottle to start drilling the holes that the screws fit into. Mine had four on each side !!

Deffo drill pilot holes!!

If you didnt get the plate to lower your ignition coil. Then just undo the nuts that hold it in place and turn it upside down. The ignition coil that is !! Yes it works fine upside down, so dont worry.

Any probs PM me !!



I would strongly advise against using any screws. You must bolt it in (or ideally weld) for there to be any benefit.

In fact, youre openeing yourself up to danger by using screws, what happens when the threads give way, the strut lets go and youre hoofing round a bend?

You (under extreme condition) can put the shell and suspension pickup points under enough pressure to crack chassis....
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

tHATS THE BEST WAY i AGREE BUT IN ORDER TO FIT BOLTS !! You have to remove all the front suspension and top mounts.If you havent got a spring clamp then your knackerd. Most people aint got access to a spring clamp.

Long job to do it that way but well worth it !!


just been round my mates

we gonna go for it on saturday.

im going to the marine shop tomoz, and getting some stainless nuts and bolts, and also some sort of water proof sealant so no water can start to cause rusting around the points

didnt get a plat to lower the ignition, but we ar egonna turn it upside down.

im thinking of ordering some lowering kit, coz we gonna ahve to drop the suspension/wheels anyway