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How does this sound?

I'm new to detailing and I've read the guides at the top of the forum

I've bought this:
AF Revive 250ml
AF Tough Coat 500ml
AF Tripple 3 500ml
AF Mercury Metal Polish
AF applicator Pad
AF microfibre cloth
AF blue black and white sponge thing
Dodo juice born to be mild 250ml
Dodo juice basics of bling clay kit
IronX 500ml
Wash mitt
2 buckets and grit guards

This is my first time buying decent kit (been a halfords cleaning product buyer in the past.
My routine used to be wash, dry, meguiars paint cleaner, AG SRP, meguiars nxt 2.0 tech wax.

So with my new kit I take it should be

Wash (2 buckets)
tar remove (just gonna do it manually cos i don't want to buy a big tub of tardis etc and once I've done it once it shouldn't take much doing afterwards)
Clay (for this first clean only - normally skip this step only repeat when necessary)
Iron X (for this first clean only - normally skip this step)
Tripple 3
Tough coat (how many layers?)
(is this in the right order?)

Then subsequent washes with born to be mild?

My car is titanium silver

Thanks guys!
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
autofinesse oblitarate is a 500ml tar remover for £9 might be an option. not sure how you would do this manually? I use it when I detail so maybe every 4 - 6months

tar remover
iron remover
wash, rinse, dry
2nd layer of toughcoat

im guessing the white, blue and black thingy is there wax or polish applicator, not really needed with the bits youve got, just use the MF or foam apllicators
by manually I mean by dabbing some on a cloth and rubbing any tar spots, will be buying some oblitarate once i've finished this crappy AG ITR.
Brilliant thanks for clearing that up Dave, will tackle it tomorrow weather permitting. Yeah I think he said it was for the tough coat, will leave it in it's wrapper for now then.