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How I fixed my windscreen washer

  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
When I bought my Clio last year I foolishly didn’t test the windscreen washers, only noticing that they didn’t work on the drive home.
I spent some time diagnosing the problem. Eventually I unclipped the valve from the pump mechanism and dismantled it (it unclips apart). There is a rubber cylinder inside that was swollen at the ends (presumably previous owner added radiator coolant into the washer bottle!), I used some emery paper to sand the rubber back into shape and when I reassembled the pump it worked perfectly, yay.
Just thought I'd post this in-case anybody else had the same problem.
  RX8, Clio II 1.6 16v
Sorry, no pictures. Maybe I will for the next job I do.
The only advice I can add is everything unclipped fairly easily, it just required a bit of care and some small flat bladed screwdrivers to prise the clips apart.