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How long does it take to fit a washer ball

I have lost one of me balls ! Do I have to leave the car with the dealer to fix or can I wait while it is done ?

Also, where is your dealer stamp located in your log book ? If someone could scan the section where the stamp is then that would be great because I dont know where to look for it.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Takes about 1/2 hour as they have to remove the bumper.

My dealer stamp is in the service book at the front - are you talking about the supplying dealer stamp?
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

In the service book then at the start of the UK section

Yep the whole bumper has to come off! I stood and watched my dealer change mine though I had to scream and shout at him when he only loosened one side of the bumper and just bent it round to get access.

I made him take the whole thing off!!!

I will take a look when I get home, will have to get it stamped if there is nothing there.

Holy S**t ! I thought it was just a case of clipping the ball back in ! Why do these small warranty jobs have to be so bloody complicated that you have to take panels off ?

I think I will wait for the other one to go before I take it in then !

My Dealer took a whole day!
The Dealer has to replace the whole unit, not just the ball. This is listed as 2 hours or so im told.
My dealer did the ECU upgrade, replaced the windscreen trim which looked loose, washed & valeted the car at the same time - all at no cost. I was happy for them to have it all day for that.