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How many Clio Williams versions are there

  BMW 320d Sport

Definitely 3 - strangely enough named Williams, Williams 2 and Williams 3.

The original Willy commonly thought to be the rarest, 400 of them if my memory serves me right, Willy 2 there were more cant remember how many, Willy 3 was the last of the line, only about 250 sold before they went to the Phase 3 Clio shape in 96/97.
  Clio 197

The production numbers quoted for the Willy I surely only apply to the UK market as I drive number 3369!

I would love to see the official figures. surely somebody out there has them!

  BMW 320d Sport

Yes they are the numbers of right hand drive UK Willys. Obviously these are much rarer than left hand drive continental versions.