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How Many Miles have you Done today!!

I did 500+.......

From Brigton to manchester airport and back....non stop!!!!

yes, it was to pickup my new car......which i mihgt add....i LOVE!

it took 8 cans of Redbull!!!!

Thats stuff is endurance in a can!!

1 can would last an hr or so, so just pull over at a service station, fag, conObull and a little jig and i was happy as a happy awake thing.

Oh, i didnt get home till 5 this morn!

no but phase 1 16V dont have lumbar support adj so i do havea hump and a crook neck, not to mention a face like a weasel from all teh squinting and cringing.

Ever benn on the M25 when you can go along at 80 hapilly with no 1 car on the rd!!!!! eerie!


It was scary as i didnt know how fast to go......wide open rds and 80mph seems like 40mph!

60 in an arctic must be madness! but i guess the newer ones have good in car much do they charge now?;)

When we sold Volvo trucks, the globetrotters used to come with beds, tvs, great stereos, fridges, air seats and a whole load of swtiches to fiddle with.

And full beam on an arctic with the row of 8 spots on top, 8 on teh bottom, the 2 fogs, the to headlights and a few!!!

i saw the light for over a mile before the cab driver saw me!!!! and i was blind!

Whats the most you have done straight?
  CTR EK9 turbo

The question is: how long did it take you to get back!? what car did you go up in, your old RT? I spose coming backs down hill ;)

went up in an rt, back in a valver.......

at least the RT has a stereo!!!! lol

I left at 7pm and got back the next day at 4:30am............

BenR I did 100mph in a brand new DAF before it had a restrictor fitted (56mph). I used to dip the clutch at night when going down hill and sometimes got about 80mph if i was lucky!

Mine had everything including cameras for reversing.!

they are comfy though.....i had to whirl them around the storage lot....and i loved them. but it too me a while to get used to the 12-18 gear setup!

1st is like 4mph!!!lol

its also quite odd driving past a line of 15 or so arctics slipstreaming eachother by about a long trian....and lil ol me goes screaming past.....

And its gets so annoying when they overtake eachother, cause they flash when its alright to pull in yeah...and i think they flash me! so i spend several minutes checking all my lights for fogs, full beam.......looking back etc

nope, never tried that! lol

But i did like the whole comfort thing......but its hard to drive lying in the bed witha broom stick and string/pulley arrangement on teh steerin wheel.

What do you generally haul....and how far?

I would drive me bonkers sittin on a long rd at 56mph!
  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

Northants to surrey and back again, about 300 miles and that was B4 breakfast, now its the school run so Ill keep you posted ;)

My journey to work is only about 3 miles, but ive racked up over 11,000 in my 8 months of ownership which cant help my cars value, time for a bus pass :cry:
  VW Potato

Four miles to work, then half a mile to the shop for a sarnie, then a massive four miles home.

As my car does nothing all day long, Im thinking of charging it rent, or making it pay its way. It cost me £x amount every month, and I hardly use it. Time to send the puppy out to earn its keep, I think.

  RB5 & 172

50, petersfield - farnham - petersfield everyday.

done 8000 in the last 4 months though, see that value drop.....

  FRST and 106 GTi

no driving today... I walked to work. I was stuck in the office for all day. Really nice actually! away from the noise of the containers factory. Anyone need a laughing gas container? eheh

Just completed the day from hell! Left home at 7am this morning to go to Greenford in London, 300 mile and 5 hours later got there. 2 minute turnaround and 4 and a half hours back and Im home, 613 miles later (I live near Newcastle. Im bloody knackered! NEVER AGAIN! :confused:
  CTR EK9 turbo

Another 27 miles to and from uni. Then before i left for home got some optiglen and did a couple of laps on the hunt - slayed a Polo hahaha, oh and a Zetec-S fiesta for amusement - cripple-hook and everything, pure comedy.
  silver valver/hybrid

4 mile to work in car, 50 mile in a 4 tonner lorry then 4 mile back home. first time ive drova a lorry, biggest thing ive driven before that is a long wheel base transit.