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how much and where maybe nick

want to lower it 30-35mm ish on shocks and springs. how much and where from? dont want coilovers or something thats gonna cost a bomb just good priced quality gear.

wondering what carnoisser could do etc.. ?
  BMW 320d Sport

Carno can get what you need mate. I run adjustable Konis with a 35mm drop on PI springs. The complete Koni kit have their own springs but its still a 35mm drop. About £400 for the whole kit now I think?

Adjustables are handy but to be honest I run mine fully hard all the time anyway.

if youre only lowering it for looks then use a welding torch ..

heat the lower coil at the point the spiral goes upwards.. let the car gently settle as the coil bends.. a bit at a time until you get the height you require.

let it cool naturally.. you will need a couple of plumbers kevlar heat sheilds at a couple of quid a piece to protect the inner wing and shock body.

cost...... zilch.. effect.... same as buying a simple lowering spring..