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how much are these wheels worth
Can any of you guys help me.

Not 100% sure on what make they are but i recon they might be the toora t940.

They are 15" and look to have been painted gold over a silver base.

If anyone can give me a idea of what they are selling for with new tyres (they are mint) and alloys only - i would be very gratefull.

Cheers lads.


Stick em on ebay with a £500 reserve and see what they get to. If the final bid is somewhere around what you would want to sell them for tell the final bidder than you'll sell them for £50 more than they bid.

lol, not selling through ebay pal....or i would.

£200 sound average price ?
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They look like the tooras, but ripspeed did a very similar wheel. Pretty much identicle iirc. So if there tooras prob 300ish max.
looked on the outside edge as i dont have centre caps.

will whip one off and see whats on the back.
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they are not toora as they are multistud they are 100+ osaka's which are made by rimstock, who also made the halfords versions