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how much is my car worth??

  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
its a artic blue clio 182 04 reg. its done just under 32000 miles and is a uk import. current modifications include

newly fitted janspeed exhaust system (about 1000 miles ago)
decat pipe
k&n gen II induction kit
soon to have grp n ecu remap
forgot to add= is lowered on apex springs too!!!!!!!

it has recently had a complete new engine fitted due to a c**k up by renault. so the engine has really only done roughly 500 miles. i had this done under warrenty which was very lucky. because i now have a new engine for free;) .

the only thing thats wrong with the car is the rubber grips on the steering wheel that have come off on the right side and is wearing on the left???

apart from that the car is in good condition and runs fine!!

reason for thinking of selling is that i want to get an evo 8 probs end of november, just did a quote and realised that i can afford 1 now!!:cool:

just wanted to know how much its worth. ive had it for about a yr now, bought it for 9 k
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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
have a gander round the forum.

The market is mega shite and

1) Import
2) Not all cup packs
3) split steering wheel issue
4) slightly above average mileage

My advice is sell all mods separately. Then try and sell it unmolested.
Buyers really like to buy standard cars. You would be better off putting the standard exhaust/air filter etc back on & selling your after market parts seperately. You'd make more money & make it more saleable. The car has got to be worth more than average because of the new engine; especially if you have documentation to prove it.