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How much is servicing

My car will be serviced soon, mines a mk2(3) extreme. Ive heard its expensive at renault dealers..any idea how much? Everythings covered by warranty still so i dont expect any additional costs. And is it worth taking it to renault romford where we have a 15% discount or something.


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As no one else is replied, I think it is round about 120 + VAT.. but dont quote me on that. Depends which dealer you go to.


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do a search on the fourm, there was a thread about a week ago with servicing costs.

My 12K service for the 172 came to £195 pounds in total at my local Renault dealer.

If you have more than one main dealer close enough shop arround as prices do vary.
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Cheers Geoff,

Which dealer did you use? Have to agree with you I would always go back to my Renault main dealer for everything.


Which dealer did you use? seems strange that they can vary thier prices so much and get away with it !!!

Mark. :confused:
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I used Wests in Clapham (just outside Bedford) but they didnt change my air filter but still charged me for a new one! Got them to replace it though and every bit of warranty work has been done fine.
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Labour charges do vary at different Renault garages. Most garages are independant and therefore can set their own labour rates. It will depend on the area/size of dealer. It is very expensive to RUN a dealership and you would be amazed at the small retained profit these garages actually make. Its not a con, just economics. Shop around to find the best deal. Also, taking your car to a non franchised dealer could invalidate your 3 year warranty. Wouldnt want that to happen would we now?


i called a few renault garages then got my local one to price match the cheapest

12,000 service for a 172 was £120 all in

Hmm, would appear I was rinsed ! This was Lookers in Stockport. Will have to give the price match idea a try ! Didnt even ring the others as they are all a bit of a pain to get to / drop the car off / get back etc. But £75 aint to be sniffed at !