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How much to buy a 1.4GTturbo

  Mk2 Ph1 1.2
^^^^^ as above how much for a 1.4GTturbo engine... its to go in my a guy who can fit it for 50quid...need engine tho

dunno about engine alone but i know someone that is selling the whole car for about £1200 so you could obviously strip it of loom, gearbox, driveshafts if all that is really needed.

I think it's about 140bhp too.
  Titanium ph1 turbo
yeah ralph, the crap thing is the classifieds on there are now restricted to members only... another reason why paying them £15 a year is a ripoff, you advertise something and don't even get full market exposure :|
BUy a whole doner car not jsut the engine if someone willing to fit it for £50 he doesn't know what he's doing most likly you need the wiring intercooler gearbox etc thats whay your best buying a whole car and sell the bits you don't need IMO.
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
I miss my GTT
They are 120 bhp standard.
massive tuning you should know by now!
easily get to 165.170.....or 200;) as some members will know!

For a converstion, you need a hell of alot more than just the engine.

You cannot use your RT wont last! (trust me)
or the drive shafts! they are not designed for more power.

You will need an intercooler... get it strapped as they are prone o blowing apart! or a nice front mount from ktec.

The loom....goes without saying.

The brakes, get them done! Especially if your still on drums on the rear. get the GTT's rear arm so you can have discs.

Interior Clocks.........does yours have a boost gauge? nope didnt think so!

TBH the amount your going to be stripping off the car your better off getting a whole one, at least that way you get a service history and know more about the engine. Rather than buying one that is more than likly abused! as they frequwntly are. Such a shame, its a good engine if its looked after.

any questions gime a bell.
Want me to see if the full car is still for sale? He wouldn't sell just the engine, he was tryin to sell the whole car and by the sounds of it you need more than just the engine as posted above.