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how much

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
im lookin at buyin a clio sport 172 early next year, i want low mileage, below 30k, and a model that includes, for instance, air con, how much you reckon? and what do you get mpg?

Prices vary..but for a the last of the 172's i.e 53/04 plate with say 24k expect to pay around £7k and you should see around 30-35mpg normal driving tho when pressing on the mid to late 20's.
30k is nothing milage wise I'd go for one with more milage unless its a very late 172. You can get phase 1 for £3k with 90k or so on them.

Have a look on the trader you can gte phase 2 with lowish milage say 50k for £6k easily.