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How stupid are renault

  Titanium Clio 182
I told them last week that i would like to book my car in to get looked at as the front drivers side road spring had snapped. There was also creking noise from the steering wheel and when going over bumps.

Anyway i took it in at 8am and they have just rang me saying it needs a new roadside spring and they can't get one until tomorrow!!! Why didn't they just order one so it was ready to fit as i told them exactly what it was.

Honestly, these monkeys don't have a clue.

They are now keeping my car there overnight.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Because they are not allowed to order one until they have seen the defective one.


superfastdan said:
Because they are not allowed to order one until they have seen the defective one.

agree it is probably the system at fault. But i would have been pissed off as well.


Grrrrrr I would be a bit miffed too. We have had worse. We took the car in and it was looked at they said they needed to order a part for it which they did. They rang us and arranged for the car to go in. Went to pick it up on the prearranged day. Oh sorry your car is in bits and we are still waiting for a new part to arrive as the other one we ordered was the wrong one. We were a bit miffed but they sorted it eventually. :D

  Titanium Clio 182
lol ohh, they are good like :) Makes you laugh at the end of the day, there is no point crying about it lol.
  MK2 172
Do any of the dealers hold any stock? Had the same problem when I took it in to get a shock replaced.
I had a similar thing. Took it into one (Renault) garage - was told rear shocks were knackered, but not covered under warranty as over 2 years old - I'd only bought it a few months before from a different (Renault) garage so phoned them up and thay agreed to look at it - drove down to Bath (from Swindon) - they said "err yeah rear shocks are knackered" after about an hour. But they didn't have any in - even though it had been confirmed that was the problem. On top of that they told me it wasn't safe to drive and didn't want me to drive it away. In the end they had to give me a courtesy car for a few days while they got the parts!

  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
What I hate about Renault dealers is when they tell you they will have to do a diagnostic check. This usually costs £80+. I took mine in to have the hazard light switch replaced. They said they would have to do a diagnostic on it. I told them there was no way I was going to pay £80+ for a darn test when I already knew what the problem was. Anyway, they took the car in and told me to come back later. When I came back to collect the car I was expecting them to sting me for the diagnostic + parts+labour, which I reckoned would probably come to over £200. I was relieved however when they had decided not to do the diagnostic and only charged me £36 all in. Renault+ Diagnostic checks = One big fat con to get more money out of you. b******s!

Thank God I have a trusty garage up the road from me that actually 'listen' to what you have to say and go straight to where you say the problem is and fix it. No more Renault dealers for me!
Front springs are a nightmare to get if you want one asap :)

When I needed one this time last year I called Renault as couldn't get one anywhere on a Saturday, even an aftermarket set of all four noone could do me there and then :(

They had 4 garages in the country with them in stock, luckily one was in London near Wembley and we were staying up near London so had a little drive down to pick it up, and to relieve my wallet of £90 :(
Dealers have a stock of parts but since there for example 3 sets of front springs 3 types of exhaust 2 types of oil filters and for the phase 2 2 1.2 16V models alone keeping any decinet stock more than the top 1k of most popular parts is near impossible.
Why would they order parts in for cars if they don't know there wrong as they loose money on them. Most customers don't know what there on about anyway so if you worked there and a custom started saying there damper was broken why would you go order one it might be there whel bolts arn't tigh which won't be under warently so you don't get paid and you've then got a £40 sock which you cannot return to Renault Uk.


ClioSport Club Member
no they dont have to see the defective one if it says on there road spring snapped they can order one on stock for when the car comes in. if the car doesnt need it then it can be sent bck or kept in stock. its called right first time program lol what a joke.
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To be fair I can understand that from a retailer point of view. It's as close to JIT replenishment as they can get, which keeps costs and potential waste as low as possible.

I would've thought they would hold a little bit of stock though, especially of common problem areas.
Ads_172 said:
I would've thought they would hold a little bit of stock though, especially of common problem areas.
Yep but there just to many parts to kep a common stock even a stock of 1000 common parts which most dealers stock isn't more than filter and normal service bits.
  Inferno 182
Only got my car about a fortnight ago from a Renault dealer and had arranged for it to go back up to get a few minor things replaced (rear tyre and engine cover needed replaced along with cigarette lighter which looked like it had been used by someone who smoked 40 a day in their car!).

They ASKED me to bring it up on the Thursday as that would suit them better even though it meant my bf's dad collecting it and dropping it back to me at work and then they made him wait 2 hours before giving it back with the engine cover still not replaced (its only cosmetic you know so what does it matter... It's also only cosmetic if there's a bloody big scratch down the side but I still want it fixed!!)

2 hours to change a bloody tyre they knew was gonna need done!! They waited until the car came up before going out to get a new one from another one of their dealers... Just plain lazy in my opinion..
  Titanium Clio 182
Well i got the spring replaced. But they couldn't find what the creaking noise was. When i move my steering wheel either left or right. It actually hasn't done it since the spring was replaced so i don't know if it was the spring that was at fault or not?
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Renault suspension is generally very creaky, especially on or near full lock... changing springs has made no odds to my creak.
  Mondeo STTDCI
This is standard. IF I want something fixing I take the car in on a day off, drive some around for 10 mins and he says "Yeah I think your right, it does need a new X, Y or Z".

Then it gets ordered and I spend another day off waiting in the dealership, ensuring that no one f**king takes the car for a joy ride.

Thats if they dont order the wrong part, like when they ordered non cup pack shocks for me.