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How to fit buckets and 4 point harness

  Megane 225 Arctic Blue

Having iffed and butted about changing my car I think I may stick with it and make a few changes - maybe, possibly. lol

I want to add some bucket seats - probably Cobra Monacos, and four point harnesses.
However, how do I fit the harnesses? I have seen photos of them fitted but am unclear how and where they are mounted in the rear of the car. I want to be able to keep the rear seats in place, even if they cannot be used (easily). Again I have seen photos of belts fitted but with the rear seats still in place.

Also, as the 172 Mk2s have seatbelt sensors, how do I stop the bleeping when I am using the harnesses and not the original belts?

Ideally, I would like to get both the seats and belts fitted somewhere as I am not that technically minded and these are safety related items. Anyone recommend a company? Demon Tweeks? Europa etc?

Slightly different note, but if I just fit the seats is it still ok to use the original seatbelts or do they no longer securely you safely with the different seats?

  Megane 225 Arctic Blue

Well, since found out I can get all of the above done at Demon Tweeks which is not too bad as found we have a club discount with them too!

Still wonder though, any way round the bleeping from having the normal drivers belt not connected?


Yep to stop the seatbelts riging you unplug the black cable from the seatbelt connector this maks the car think you have your belt on all the time. Or stick a switch in the wiring and remember to switch it on when you are driving without your setbelt on (you shouldnt mind you) so that the airbags know to adjust when you dont have your belt on and they deploy.