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Hub adapters and wheel spacers ??

  182 FF Cup options
Afternoon everyone

I am looking to widen the wheelbase of my 182 with either hub adapters or wheel spacers. I just want to fill the arches out really. Has anyone got any tips or ideas on how and where to purchase some good wheel adapters. Not too keen on spacers as you have to ger longer bolts and they are not as strong. Found some fore 180 notes, but was looking for some cheaper really. Also looking for some lowering springs for around 40mm, just to finish it off. Should give me better handling as well as looks with the adapters and springs. ?????

Dan :D
widening track and lowering on a cup'd 182 = problems. I'd say the max you'll probably get away with is 3mm spacers.
Cup'd 182s already have wider track and if you widen it much more and lower it you'll have the wheels fouling bodywork all over the shop. May as well just lower it and save yourself the hassle of widening the track.