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I’m new too!

Hi all have been reading this site and forum a lot over the last few weeks whilst checking the clio i found was all in good nick etc

So on satruday i bought a :-

93 Blue 16v with;

17" smiths alloys
Magnex zorst
PiperX induction
Lowered ~ 35mm

piccys to follow shortly!

Will be joining the club soon too but unfortuantely I live on the Isle of Man so may be hard for me to come over to meets + trackdays etc but will undoubtedly make the odd appearance!!

sooo....Hello ev1 nice to b here :-D


Yeah its true, no "national" speed limit here, so where there is no indicated speed limit you can go as quick as you like!!

Also of note is that we have no speed cameras at all except for the odd Pc plod parked in a garage car park after closing time, maybe i see 2/3 a year, which are always in the same predicatable spots!

Worth bearing in mind that there is a big motorbike racing scene over here (IOM TT) so there is a "real life" race course just waiting to be tackled


  Shiny red R32

Hi there ManxMan - one of my sporting idols lives there - Steve Hislop who is leading the British Superbikes at the moment. Hope he wins the Championship this year, because at forty, time must be running out for him and he is brilliant to watch.

Hello manxman,

Came over a few weeks back and did the manx international. excellent event, the recce was almost as mucu fun as going at full speed as the roads are so good. sh*te weather though...

Where abouts on the island are you?

Down in Port St Mary, nice 20 mile B road drive to work in Douglas every day should see me get used to the new cars handling pretty quick!! I drive thru parts of the stages to get to work

howd you get on in the rally?


Now that;s an idea.. a meet up at the IOM, I would love that.

I deal with your government directly as the NHS tech consultant so get across quite a bit.. they usually lend us a ford fester to play on the TT course lol..

nice ot see ya here dood.

Joe Hanley - aka Captn Slarty.. esq !

I think itd be quite a good way to spend a long weekend, dont know how many peeps wed get to go after seeing the turnout for the Trackday so far, but itd be cool anyway....

True Joe, very true.....

Have to remember think about doing this when Ive got some time on my hands, and see if anyone would like to come along.

I take it youd be up for a bit of a trip then Joe?