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I’ve just been out in a 360 spyder!!!!

  Lionel Richie

I was at the local shops, and this red 360 spyder pulled in and the driver was waving at me. It was a customer from where i work. We were chating for about 30mins and then he asked if i wanted to go for a spin!!!!! F**king Rapid is all i can say!!!! F1 paddle shift was mint, and the best part was going past my exs house at the top of 2nd!!!! He ragged the hell out of it, limiter in every gear (it span into 3rd!!!) we hit 120mph down this A road which is very twisty (and i can only get about 85 at a push!!) And the day before i bought an in dash Screen and PS2 for my car, so ive had a good couple of days!!!!

Fred, niiiiiiiice ! The 360 Spyder is one of the best looking cars around without doubt !

As for your PS2 and Screen, what screen did you go for ? Happy with the result ? Got any pics cos I am thinking of getting it done in my car.
  Lionel Richie

I got the new Pioneer 6400R slide out screen, its the best thing ive ever got for the car (other than the wheels!!!) They threw in a free 6disc changer i paid £765

Sounds good, do you have any pics of how the screen looks using the PS2 ? I am going to do this and want to see how good the quality is with the PS2.
  Lionel Richie

Quality is amazing, surround sound etc!!! I havent got any pics yet, but will get some up as soon as i can

Sounds great, if you could get some pics then that would be cool ! I am still on the hunt for a nicely priced standalone screen, got prices of around £300-£400 at the moment for a nice Pioneer one.