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I’ve Just Bought a Clio 16v

Hi I have just bought a clio 16v so i thought i would introduce myself on this board.

I come from Surrey and Kent(When i am at uni)
My clio is a phase 1 in black and is in lovely condition, it was the previous owners pride and joy(and is now mine )

Having had an uno turbo before this i was impressed by the performace,its alot smoother than the turbo and that 16v engine certainly does growl

When you get to around 4500rpm the pull is amazing its great fun. Also i had a cinquecento sporting very low etc and i was amazed to find out that the handling on the clio is as good if not better than that, i am very pleased with it

Can i post pics on here or do i just post links etc?



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Hello and welcome Jon, you will soon get to know everyone here, who will give you plenty of advice.

Hey john,
Where bouts in Surrey you from? Im down the road from epsom if you know that area? Have a white Phase 1 valver with leather interior, very sweet. know what you mean, the car kicks some serious booty!

Phil - i am from Walton on thames, not too far away, i used to go down nescott alot a few years back Mmmm i want a leather interior Got any pics of your car up anywhere?

hi ya, good to see another valver in the area, im from staines got a silver 16v. how does your new one compare to it, there are a few around that i would like to teach a lesson to.

nev - I used to live in staines, i fact i bought the car from egham, well only just, the staines end of pooley road(cant remember if thats the right name). Wont be on the road for a while now after the weeks incidents with the engine

ah right, well i live in stanwell but i always say staines cos theres more chance of people knowing that. i bought mine from staines though. i will keep an eye out for ya.
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Hey there and welcome to the site, Im from Surrey too! but im from the south side of Guildford near Hindhead traffic lights. We should all meet up at some point in guildford, mini clio meet? theres a few Williams floating around guild and a couple of 16vs, and 1 or 2 172s and the occaisional V6.

So many people come on here with a 16v question or just saying hello - heres a fill in Ive been saving for this kind of situation

The success of the 172 and V6 Clio versions has drawn much attention to Renault’s hot hatches once again. Good as they may be however, Renault Sport has been producing fine offerings for over a quarter of a century – the 5 Turbos, Spider and 21 Turbo to name only a few - and amongst these sits the 1991-96 Clio 16v.

The 16v had a lot to live up to after the regular 120bhp 5 Turbo. While it is not quite as violently quick or tuneable, it made an impressive 137bhp from its twin-cam 1794cc F16 engine - which was enough to command a 7.7 second 0-60 and 130 mph top speed. Moreover, the Clio 16v came at a time when most hot hatches were on the verge of extinction in the face of rising insurance premiums. This meant that the 16v had to be cheap to insure to succeed – and was duly slotted into a very low Group 12.

Shortly after its launch, it was lauded as one of the best hatches of all time, stealing the mantle from the Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi - and was certainly the quickest hot hatch of its time. However, the launch of the Williams variants after 1993 destined the 16v to forever live in their shadow. Naturally, this had an effect on residual values, with Williams editions (1200 made) valued at around a 25% premium. What the punters missed though was the 16v’s identical 0-60 and only slightly lower torque and power figures. While the values of the 16v are still high, they’re certainly better value than the Williams.

Renault went to considerable efforts to ensure better reliability and build when it introduced the original Clio range in 1991. Panels were zinc coated and came with a six-year anti corrosion warranty, ensuring that most Clio models remain rust free to this day. The Clio 16v and Williams were distinguished externally from their brethren with wider arches, a bonnet bulge air intake and larger bumpers. The size of the arches in particular ensured that 18” wheels are fast becoming the norm for modified 16v’s and fit with very little work. The interior, suspension and transmission were also markedly up-rated over the standard car.

The Clio 16v has a large engine for such a diminutive car – and herein lies its main problem. Many jobs (e.g. clutch change) require the removal of the engine and even tightening the fan-belt is considered a nightmare. Some garages won’t touch these cars! And, as with all hot hatches, the 16v is driven hard – particularly as it loves to be revved. This leads us to another main problem: failing engine mounts as they cant take the power over time. You dont want to have the engine dropping onto the floor (it happened to a mate of mine, poor guy). The electrics arent the best either, the sunroof often leaks, springs snap, the standard exhaust is fragile, aftermarket ones are poor-fitting, induction kits suck in too much hot air and arent that good, the diffs and cv joints are weak - and occasionally youll get rust on the rear arches. Basically youve got to have a deep pocket to keep a 16v perfect!

Overall however, youll love the 16v. There simply arent that many cars (e.g. 205 GTi, Williams) that can better the standard formula of the 16v. Youll have a lot of fun!