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I am in a very bad mood

as i was driving down a road in chelmsford i came across a badly done repair job of where the councle dig holes for no reason any way after this i decided to make sure all was ok but when i looked i saw that one of my perfect alloys is now got a flat spot on the edge of the rim

so I AM IN A VERY BAD MOOD !!!!!!!!!

in some cases the council will pay for the replacment wheel, get down there ASAP and get a picture of the hole,


This happened to a mate. he took a photo of the road and of his wheel and wrote a letter to the concil. They paid for his wheel to be repaired but his was buckeled so they replaced it.

I suggest u do this.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

LOL, thats cheaky that Nick.....took me a few minutes to realise what you were gettin at hehe

Hint - take a ruler or something else to put in the hole to give an impression of scale on the photo - no arguments then.

I clipped a pothole on the way to work about 6 months back... it ripped the side wall of the tire out....bent the lip of the alloy and knocked the tracking out.....

£80 + VAT plus fitting for the tire
£40 for the tracking

never got the wheel refurbed...

had various letters and phonecalls back and forwards from the council but never got anywhere... they had a very interesting clause/ excuse for not paying up which I cant remember exactly but went along the lines of "the only way we will compensate a driver is if a damaged bit of road that has been reported but not yet booked for repair is the cause"

and of course.. this bit had been noted and booked... just not fixed...

obviously as the weeks went by, my dented pride and wheel seemed less important and i never persued it further.

The Council will probably try everything to avoid paying out.

I run my own company, and I could be liable for claims against me if I do not take reasonable care in everything I do.

The council are responsible for maintaining the road. In my opinion they would have taken reasonable care if they had placed a warning sign near the hole.

Not knowing about the hole is no excuse. Neither are some of the others they might try on - its the subcontractors responsibility or our insurance doesnt cover it.