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I dont beeeelieve it!

PIcked up me brand spanking littlepocket rocket today :)and on the way back on the motorway, can you guess what happend??? got sprayed by the bloody gritter!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!! and thats not shouting at you Girlracer! better have not scratched it

Besides that...... wow... its much better than the test drive I had last month. eveyrthing is heaps better..... rbeginning to love that car.. feels liek a much bigger car compared to my old tin of a 1.2. People at work dont know ive bought one.... ill surprise them tomorrow. hehehehe

Got clear (well theyre coloured white anyway) side repeaters.. Bonus!

Just cant wait until ive run it in.... 5000 revs.. here i come!!

I do have one question though..... Whats "Link dyn or Link Man" on one of the options on the factory radio??... not sure what it is.. doesnt say in teh manual...
  2012 WRX Waggon

chappie - where r u?

I bet the next question u ask is "whats that little clear window on the windscreen for" LOL.

Welcome to the club!! - u better join up now :D


Im in Manchester.

I already know what the clear window is for - Camera detectors right?

Will join later this week.

b*****d!! just had aquick check on me bonnet (in the dark too)... got a stone chip in it. can see the white showing thru. any ideas what i can do? i take it , it will rust if dont do summat soon?
  Lionel Richie

Halfords touch up pens are surprisingly good for stone chips!!!!!!

6 stage process

1. using primer pen (dont use the brush) touch up area, leave to dry

2. sand area completely flat using fibreglass sponge

3. add colour to area, leave to dry

4. repeat stage 2

5. add lacquer, leave to dry

6. repeat stage 2

Then T-cut the whole area to remove the scratch marks from the fibreglass sponge

Brilliant end finish, not like the old touch up pens that used to leave "bobbles" in the paint that were really obvious

Renault still aint got a bloody touch up pen for my dads Extreme! (the limited edition colour one, god knows what its called)

Well done on getting the car I can only dream of owning aslong as Im still getting married (will be divorced if i buy it :()

Dunno about the radio thingy though