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I love my 182 - can't stop changing bits, only been 3 weeks of ownership!

  182 Cup, DC2, E500
I've had my 1 lady owner, high mileage Arctic Blue 182 FF for just about 3 weeks now. It is not unusual for me to restore my cars to as new specification, and this little blighter is no different! Yes its on 140K, yes its French, BUT its bloody brilliant! And to see the car you would be hard pressed to think 50K let alone 140K!

Here is a list of the things I've changed already since taking ownership;

Interim service at Renault with Elf 5W40 (doesn't use a drop of oil!)
Renault pollen and air filters
Renault spark plugs
Renault lower inlet plenum gasket
Complete detox of inlet plenum and throttle body
Elf NRJ 75W80 gear box oil
Renault thermostat and seal
Renault Type D coolant
OEM header tank
Renault header tank cap
Brembo HC front discs (centres and lips painted Hammerite black to avoid corrosion)
Brembo front brake pads
Renault rear brake discs/bearings (painted as above)
Renault rear pads
ATE super blue brake fluid
Renault brake disc retaining screws
Renault rear hub nuts
Renault fitted rear lower dog-bone mount plus AC re-gas
RenaultSport mat set
Tailored rubber over mats (I don't like mess on my mats!)
Renault drivers side interior electric switch/door pull assembly (I didn't like the rubberised coating being worn off!)
JL Audio coaxial speakers with correct speaker loom connector (to avoid cutting connectors)
Stainless steel M6x30mm airbox lid bolts, plus airbox retaining bolts
Various other stainless bolts/nuts
Anodised blue engine cover/front panel/headlight/wing bolts & washers
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 rear tyres (fronts have 5mm and are also Pilot Sport 3's)

I even have new parts sat here on the floor being fitted on the 13th courtesy of Adam. These are;

Renault front CUP spec dampers
Renault front CUP spec lower control arms
Renault front anti roll bar bush things
Genuine Scorpion decat (will have rear CMS boss extended by mate at work to avoid MIL lamp) - Car has Scopion RS192
Renault CAT fitting kit
Renault CAT rear clamp

And some other bits I have include;

Lemforder OEM front track rod ends
Renault clutch cable

Honestly I just can't stop! What a wonderful little car, I love it!

This weekend it gets detailed by me, so a thorough wash, clay/de-tar, rotary polish with Menzerna plus lots of wax!

I do get bored quickly though so typical me means it won't be with me for too long. I kid you not there are 5 colleagues of mine at work all queuing up for it. They know I'm, err, fussy!

It's also booked in on the 5th next month for cambelt kit, dephaser, aux belt kit and probably another oil change!

Anyone interested in the cleanest, best driving standard 182 FF around with about 10K worth of receipts?!

Cheers all

P.s - Its not for sale......yet!
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
I'll get some after this weekend chaps when it isn't covered in Siberian sand....

Yeah money to burn, or an absolute tool (queue £25000 Integra Type R DC2):S


ClioSport Club Member
Jesus I thought I was bad. I've owned my 172 3 weeks and so far including tax but excluding fuel and insurance I've spent £1087. Your list must be much more expensive than that.
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
Cheers mate, front Brembos are yours! lol

I am very, very, very fussy with my cars. Dare I say my obsession with cars has literally ruined my life.

But, as far as I see it, it keeps me on the verge of sanity. Everyone has their little vices, and mine happens to be cars (I also work for a large vehicle manufacturer as a Research and Development Engineer, so I play with cars for a living aswell!).

I blame my eldest brother constantly fettling with Alfa GTV's, GTV6's, 75's. Sprint Cloverleafs and Maseratis when I was younger. It rubbed off, I got obsessed and became an Engineer.

It then rubbed off onto my nephews (spoilt b******s, ones just sold his R8 to get a Bentley GT, the other just sold his E92 M3 which he decided to repaint in, errr, brown!).

Then there's my brother with his 996 Turbo and classic E30 Motorsport Convertible.

We are truly and utterly addicted to cars (I'm on 73 I think, lol).
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
Jesus I thought I was bad. I've owned my 172 3 weeks and so far including tax but excluding fuel and insurance I've spent £1087. Your list must be much more expensive than that.
Lol addictive isn't it? Good fun though!

I dare not add up so far, but I didn't give a huge amount for it due to the mileage and outstanding work due (I love high mileage cars, my Integra is now on 158K!)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
it becomes and addiction and these cars hold up well to high mileage imo

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
That's quite a list you have there! I've found these cars can become quite addictive, I've had my 172 since the end of January and I'm well over 2k now :eek:
try 10 years of clios.........................its not gone well.........or!
  182 Cup, DC2, E500
Its called OCD chaps, lol. I get the pee taken out me at work for this aswell. ALL my cars get mats on mats, bizarre I know.

I don't like getting my mats dirty.....pays dividends when its wet, raining or muddy!

P.s - Trust me when I say cost has absolutely NOTHING to do with it
  Audi A5
Yeah but why would you want to cover your nice RenaultSport mats with boring plain mats?!

Thats like taking your model GF for a meal and not letting her take her coat off.