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I need a new sticker !

At the York meet yesterday I became a Cliosport member and got my sticker, when we tried to put it on it went a bit pear shaped and the C got messed up so I need to get a new large external sticker, how much are they ? I know they are $15 if paid by paypal but what about paying by cheque ?



PS Anybody know how I can get the old one off easily ?

Mr Daipac :D

use a hairdryer to gently warm it to take it off. (It should have come with a money back warranty lol)

to fit it perfectly.. here ya go..

(And yes, I am serious!)... get a bucket of clean warm water (About 2" of water is plenty) add a teaspoon full of fairy liquid or similar...

thoroughly clean the area it is going onto..

now, apply plenty of the liquid (dont stir it up to make loads bubbles - just mix gently) to the area the sticker is going. Peel the backing off the sticker, dip it in the fairy water and then apply to the car, it should slide nicely. Now line it up, and then gently smooth out and bubbles. Just leave to dry... perfect !.

thats how the pros do it...

Joe.. Have fun...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Go to the merchandise area, click UK resident in the via land mail section, cost is a cool fiver!!