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I need these wheels fitted to my car

  BMW F31
flipping hell offset aint shy is it, cant help if they'll fit, but at 33 o/s its gonna be interesting :p
ET33 is a pussy offset LMAO!!!! and they are only 6.5 wide so that 5mm of offset to play with

As regards to the centre bore being to small ....I'd take them to a engneering company as it needs to be hubcentric ....Pls don't cowboy them with a file lol


ClioSport Club Member
  VRS 230 & Ep3
yes they are proper rims. ud need it proper slammed on coilovers to suit a clio tho
  Tangoed Works
Okay, so hubicentric boring out and 5mm maching off the hub. Surely 5mm wont make a difference, especially if they are 15"s, doubt they will catch. If anything, they will improve the handling of the car due to wider track.

I have also seen some ET40's so will start the hunt. I take it the hub boring is smaller than clios on all these VW wheels. I want gloss black centres with polished outer rim.
Don't worry about the 5mm offset :) ...just the centre bore to worry about as you won't get them on with out that done lol ...aye because it's smaller

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VW/BMW ...57ish