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I think I live in a dead zone!! (3G coverage)

Just did a Google to try and find out what the 3G coverage was like on O2 in the north. I've never once... even when daaaarn saaarf... seen the 3G symbol pop up on my phone. It's only ever Edge or the circle thing, or connected to my wireless at home.

Even when I've been to Newcastle, etc. where O2 claims to have 3G coverage I still don't get it. WTF... I want 3G! They don't even have a section on their website to tell you where gets 3G (I found it here Am I doing something wrong... Or is it just teh norf?

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what you complaining about needster:rasp:, i dont get it atall, i barely get 2blocks of signal were i live, and if i want full bar i have to go to the next town which is 25miles away..

If only they did this try before you buy before i bought it :(
Right, just checked this... Think it might be a fubared Pisch...

O2 say to check their 3G coverage ( select the HSDPA option and type in your postcode... Cool. So I do that for my work address. It comes up pink, which according to them says there's 3G coverage... Well, what a f**king fat lie all I've got is the little dot.

Broken. :dapprove:
Nope. Didn't say a word to me, hence my own disbelief in the shop. Oh Dan, you're such a genius. Thank you for diagnosing that problem for me days ago. :rolleyes:

Blow me.
Yeah, contract. But it's via O2 online. Everytime I've store upgraded they've never offered a new sim card, etc.
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They don't keep records of sim variants usually.

When you are in the shop they should notice it really and change the sim out.

Depends on how clued up the salesperson is.
You think so, dunno they've given me a new one now. I told them what I was doing when I bought the phone, maybe in the rush of release day the just forgot. Nevermind.

Does fake France have 3G yet, Dan?
  RIP Dan
I don't use 3G at all unless I have to for work, usually testing.

Drains my battery too much.

I don't like change either.


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I needed a 3G simcard... My seven year old sim couldn't cope with teh 3G. :eek:

Thats an iPhone fail on par with me not paying my bill and wondering why it wouldn't work!
Well not really, my little adolescent friend. Their site doesn't say you need a 3G simcard. The g33ks in the shop on launch day didn't say I needed one.