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I want a CUP

  Bumder With A Buffer

Hello people need some help and advice. I want to but a CUP but not too clued up my cars so can anyone tell me wot there like to drive etc etc? I found one on autotrader for

blue. Alloys, Anti theft system, CD, C/L, Driver airbag, E/W, limited edition, car as new, offers accepted. 4500 miles. £9750 .

That seems a bit wrong to me, think its just a normal 172 for that price??

Now the only bugger is gonna be INSURANCE coz im only 22 but hey f**k IT i WANT ONE SO IM GONNA GET IT!

Any advice is appreciated


what about the price makes you think its a 172? the cup is 2k cheaper than the 172 as new on account of no air con, xenons, leather, spare wheel etc ec.

well a Cup is not a limited edition - there is nothing limited about them!! They are lower spec. than a 172 - but lighter.

I dont think you would be disappointed, but I make no comment about the price of the one you have seen advertised - car is always worth whatever the seller can get for it in my opinion, and everybody wants the most they can get, understandably.

Unless you are desperate for ABS and air con then a Cup is a splendid buy !!

All my opinion of course and there will be others that will disagree !!! but, hey ho, thats life!! :D
  Bumder With A Buffer

I just thought that seemed a bit cheap thats all. Thought someone mite of put it for sale as a 172 CUP when its a 172, some people do that sometimes to help the sale.

:confused: richy the cup is CHEAPER than a 172 mate so if you tried to sell a 172 as a cup you would be lowering the price mate
  Bumder With A Buffer

ok fair enough il put my pointy hat on and stand in the corner! been a long day at work so bit dumb 2nite sorry!!!!! (see told u i aint clued up on my cars!! learning slowly!)

lol, dont worry about it mate, the cup i think was initially promoted as a limited edition but renault have not taken this attitude with it at all and now you see alot more cups than 172s due to them having the same engine and being 2k cheaper. this means its perfect for those who havnt got the extra cash and dont mind not having all the toys can still have a car which looks and goes like a 172 (this is not a prompt for the "which is faster" debate boys) or for those who fancy a trackday car and dont want to pay out the extra for kit they wont need if they are only using the car to thrash around a track on weekends. hope this helps

172s are crap!! Much rather have a Cup anyday, they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better...........

................stand back and wait for the dummies to fly!!

The only reason I love to start this arguement each time is coz ive got a crappy old Mk1 V6!

oh dear, this one normally starts a fight between 172 and cup owners. they are both quick, neither is better than the other its just a case of which suits you better personally. if you want aircon/abs/xenon lights/leather seats and all the other toys you get on the 172 then get that. if you dont car and want a car that looks the same goes the same and makes you smile the same when you go for a drive and is £2,000 less then go for the cup
  Bumder With A Buffer

Na thanx mate yours is the type of reply i was after.... BUT NEED SOME MORE from others!!!!

Just got qoute for the cup how much??????

Your Price is £1014.30

NICE! :)

well I thought I gave a balanced and honest reply toooo, but it clearly got ignored completely - and Steve thats the only dummy I am gonna spit out ok????? Still, with one of both in the garage I dont need to say one or the other is better do I??!!! :D
  Bumder With A Buffer

No i read yours to kis172 and yes it was a balnaced opinion. thank you...


i just replyed to loonys post.


  Audi TT Stronic

hmm, youve been givin your option, make your mind up on how much you want to spend and whether you want the toys or not.


whatever you do.. dont get a crappy mk1 v6.. they suck..

aircon, leather, abs, xenons, or great blue colour with none of the above ? I like the grat leather smell when I get in the car and the aircon for both those hot days an frosty morning, for me the 172 is more practical. Cup looks great though.....


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Quote: Originally posted by kis172 on 24 July 2003

well a Cup is not a limited edition - there is nothing limited about them!! They are lower spec. than a 172 - but lighter.
Here we go... again...

The Cup IS a limited edition mate, they have not made them all the time theyve made the 172, numbers are actually limited and they stop production in Novemeber.

It even says they are limited edition in some of the literature!


  Audi TT Stronic

for me unless a car has a number (eg the willys) then they aint limited edition..

the cups are not limited edition (renault say a lot of things which are a load of sh*t)

The Cups are not limited editions, I dare say when production stops of the Cups, so will the 172. There are thousands of cups on the road now, to me thats not limited edition. The only limited edition 172 was the Exclusive!



I had this dilemma as to which one to get. It is a matter of taste, i went for a 172 casue i wanted the toys and have no regrets, likewise if I had chose a cup i wouldnt have been disappointed. The performance diff is negiable IMHO, I love the suede and Xenons. Coming from a lesser model I wanted the extra bits I hadnt had on my extreme&dynamique. The Choice is yours.... For £9750 the cup is well worth that. If they had been around for that sort of money I may have got one instead. Also one thing to bear in mind is that a cup was £100 more to insure for me.

Price seems pretty fair - I havent seen any advertised for less than £9500 yet. Which might suggest that the Cup has another advantage over 172 - doesnt suffer from initial depreciation quite so badly as 172, eg many people have paid £11-11,500 for their cups since last September, but only lost £2k on that, whilst 172 buyers will have paid higher purchase price yet have a car worth only marginally more on s/h market.

Ive got a cup, and I love it, but had I known how minor the performance gap is between it and and the "grown-up" 172, I would have gone for the 172 - climate would have been very welcome during those hot days a few weeks back.

Plus, I bought the cup thinking "itll be a classic ltd edition like the series 1 Willy", and in 8 years time, it too would be worth 50% of its original price....Silly me, not ltd at all, just cheaper to make, more popular, money making machine for renault. Having said that, I think the estimated number that will exist ultimately when production ceases in the autumn will be less than 2500 - compare that to the number of CTRs out there (where once Type R meant exclusive) of about 10000 in the uK and it makes you feel much better.

I love my cup. Smile factor is 11. Oh, and do a search on insurance related threads - there were some a couple of months back where ppl gave their age, town and insurance co / premium (although £1000 sounds fair for your age...)

Do it!