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I want my cylinder back!!...

Not strictly a Clio question I know.. But hoping you guys/gals can help..

Problems with my engine: Basically its not running right, and I think a cylinder isnt firing. If I put my foot down the car will lurch along for a little while then the fourth cylinder kicks in and it drives fine for a bit before cutting out again.

Ive changed the dizzy cap, rotor arm, and plugs.. so could it be a HT lead? Though surely if one was faulty it just wouldnt work and wouldnt keep cutting in and out???

I pulled a spark plug out last night to have a look, and though they were changed only a week ago, it was covered in oil and had water in the plug well too..

Any ideas??


do a copmression test. - and a water coolant test for blown head gasket.

let me know results.

Change 1 lead for another on the effected cylinder.

If there was - or is - water in the plug well, it CAN cause the problem you desribe.

after that, its fueling and injectors.

ps, if the spark plug was covered in oil as you say, it may well indicate more major engine problems.

definitely get a compression test done..

ask them to do it with, and without, oil added to the bores.


Cheers Joe,

Its booked in to a local Renault specialist on friday. Is this the kind of problem theyll be able to remedy in a day??

(Hoping to travel down south in the car this weekend).

Thanks for the advice

  172 sport,

sounds like a plug lead to me, and i know you cant swap them around as there made to fit ie shaped ,id change them as you have nothing to lose except about £80 as me sisters had to be done i know they aint cheap

  172 sport,

just read your thread properly ok water in the plug surround comes in from the bonnet vent , now if your leads aint up to scratch they will earth out with the block using the water as its conductor.
clean all the water out wipe the leads clean and clean up the plug this should cure it temporarily till it rains again.
also the oil was probably the unburnt fuel on it not actually oil as it looks ,just rang me sister and she confirmed this is what i did and she had the excact same problem and new leads done the trick as for head gaskets or rings etc this will cause highly noticable smoke and if you aint got that it aint serious
hope this helps and isnt too late

  172 sport,

hi capn
hope fully it will cure it for him as i would have thought if the head gasget had gone enough to oil up the plug enough to stop it firing it would surely be enough to ignite and smoke when its forced down the exhaust if not a little condensation at the very least
damn renaults never make things easy do they


So, in conclusion..

Its worth changing all my HT leads??

Now, di I get OE parts form Renault/GSF, or is it worth getting "performance" HT leads??

Cheers for all the replies,


My mates 19 16v did this for ages, and thier was water and oil also, as mentioned the water is coming from the bonnet vent and is causing a misfire, change the leads as suggested, new set of plugs probably wouldnt go amiss either and youll be motoring again.

Alex M

Also suspect oil you are finding is not from in the bore, but more likely from when the plug came out, as oil goes into plug well, from spillage from engine oil filler. Any of the four wells can fill with oil, although number one and four being most prone, it depends on angle of car when you filled it with oil last, and splashed some onto rocker cover, some of which always ends up down a plug well.

Alex M
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah remember on the F7 engines its easy for as bit of oil to go into the plastic cover bit and never be seen again, but it just drips down into the plug wells. Just a bad design really.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah remember on the F7 engines its easy for as bit of oil to go into the plastic cover bit and never be seen again, but it just drips down into the plug wells. Just a bad design really.