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I want some Tuning Goodies for my 182 - Any suggestions?

  Massey6465 & saxo1.1
Re: clio 182 vs mercedes sprinter van

My sprinter goes well.

Maybe a De-cat for your 182?
Re: clio 182 vs mercedes sprinter van

cossie dave said:
ah that got u all looking seriously want some tunig goodies for my 182 wots best to start with filter and exhaust

sell the 182 and get a quicker car ????
  Liquid Yellow 182
personally i dont really know the answer to these questions but.... to the replys "buy a biggger / faster car" why? bhp isnt for instance 350 bhp lancer evo 4, sold tomorrow buying a 182 shortly, love the 182 in everyway, its not about the bhp its about the handling of the car and not having to worry about massive bills if something goes wrong, my opinion leave the 182 as it is, i have 0 plans for mine when i get it, its staying innocent and unmolested, my 2 cents anyway. Final thought for the day "love a car for what it is not for what you want it to be"

Depens what you want the car for/to dao/like in a car.
Engine tunning not cost effective suspension or brakes first.
  clio 200 F4Rt
agree with shepdogg!

as answer to the question, you cant go far wrong with a set of H&R coil overs, and a BTB exhaust, whcih funily enough i can supply! :D

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