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I want this!!!

  from Trophy 2 work van :(
Apparently it is gonna be around £37,000!!! Loads of cash for a bike but it's like no other, closest thing to a moto GP bike on the road, nearly 200bhp!!! only a few hundred will be made each year!!
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Sooo sexy, you don't just need the 37k for this you also need to already own the 20k 999r to get on the waiting list now!

If its production gp bike you want, there is better and more expensive.....

edit; cant find it at the mo tho, remembering the name may help lol
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KingTrophy said:
More fun than 4!! For sure!!

Not necessarily true, IMO within motorsport for example, tintop races of all kinds are so much more fun to watch than superbikes, paintwork touching and contact between competitors doesn't always mean that they crash out the race.