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ICE recommedations for 172

Hiya guys,

Got myslef a Mk1 172 and looking to upgrade the standard speakers. From experience what are your recommendations on speakers for either front or back in terms of value for money and quality?

I have a sub and amp for the back but these will just be running [preferably from the HU (aftermarket).
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No point in splashing out on speakers unless you amp them IMHO. Wont be a good stage with a sub and an amp and non amped speakers.

Wouldnt personally ruin a 172 with ICE (slows it down).

If anything I would ditch the sub and amp, get a 4 way amp and use it to power 4 realy good quality speakers.

Quote: Originally posted by hip_spasm on 24 April 2005

Wouldnt personally ruin a 172 with ICE (slows it down).
I like your thinking....:)

All the same i still like my tunes and would miss a good bit of bass.
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Some jbls or infinity comps could be run off the headunit.

Been posted before and look in the members area!!

Guys possibly a stupid question but please stick with me....

Fitted my headunit today and back to my choice of purchase for speakers. With the fronts people have suggested components. Now does a set of components as standard come with tweeters and if so is it neccessary that i change these over to?

Secondly could i not just use standard 5.25" speakers for the front and the back?

Again, apologies if this sounds a bit ignorant.....reason being i am :)

I guess what im saying is could i fit the same speaker type, size etc. in both the front and back. Or do the front specifcally have to be components and the back co-ax?

....and also when i change the front speakers do i need to worry about the tweeters, will they function independantly or will i be forced to change those too?

Well im currently in the process of putting components front and back, some people said its not worth it but hey, yes if you get new components for the front you will have to change the tweeters.